What If You Had No Past?
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Did you know I have hundreds of Tour of Consciousness videos filled with an abundance of Access Consciousness tools? I’m revisiting old Tour Of Consciousness videos lately. I have so many different videos and tools that I highly recommend you explore them as well!

And I have a question for you… What if you started to treat people the way you should have been treated, not the way you were treated?  Would that in any way change the way you BE in the world?

If you had no past, what would you choose? More kindness or less?  More joy or less? More allowance or less?

More of YOU…or less?

Join me as I explore this further…

What if now is the time we stop allowing the frequencies of the past decide who we be? What if now is the time we choose to be the resonance of possibilities, in totality?

Just asking…

So much gratitude for you,

P.S. And for further exploring right now…

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