What Would It Be Like?
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What if we could create a world where nobody had to be more or less valuable than anybody else?

What would it be like to honor everybody around you, including you?

Here are two videos from my Return of the Gentleman series on intimacy and competition.

How to Be Intimate With You


How You Deal With Competition

When you are functioning from being a gentleman or a lady, what if you functioned from the questions?

  • Is this honoring of me?
  • Is this honoring of others?

From these questions, you can handle and interact in any situation based on what is honoring of everybody involved, and what will create the most.

What if you could be the different possibility in the room that invites everybody to a different space?

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P.S. If you’d like more on the topic of honoring and intimacy, check out my new online video course, Getting Out of Need & Into Intimacy.