What’s Beyond Boredom?
Author   Category Limitless Living

“Boredom is not a potent energy. Is it a mask for some other energy?”   was a great question from a recent participant at a Being You, Changing the World class!

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How often do you get bored?  How often do you use boredom as a form of sabotage… where you are not being or doing all that you could because you are bored?

You could stay bored and impotent… or you could ask:

  • What potency am I refusing with this boredom I am choosing?
  • What joy am I refusing with this boredom I am choosing?

Or you could ask… Am I getting bored because it’s time to change something?

  • What other possibility am I not choosing?
  • What else can I do? What else can I be? How else can I experience this? How else can I express this? What else is possible?

How much fun can you have instead?