When Being Out of Control Creates Change…

Have you ever wondered what else is truly possible? WHAT IF YOU COULD FREE YOUR MIND, STRESS AND ANXIETY – even if you think you’ve tried everything? >>

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Have you ever considered that willingness to be out of control is a gift that allows a large level of change to occur?   Being out of control is not about drunkenly dancing on tables,  driving like a maniac or being insane and crazy in ways that make people want to lock you up!

Truly being out of control is not controlling the capacity you have to be aware, to receive change and to create possibilities.  Does that sound like something you would like to choose?

What would happen if you could be out of control?  Run the clearing in this audio from a recent Being You, Changing the World class to discover more of you!

[audio:http://drdainheer.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Blog-9-Out-of-Control.mp3|titles=Blog #9 Out of Control]