When Did You Decide Your Perfect Future?
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How old were you when you decided what your perfect future should look like? Could it have been when you were a kid? And you may not even remember it anymore?

Now…what if that perfect projected future is still hanging around?

What if it comes with a whole set of roles; and you, my friend, keep trying to fit everyone you meet into one of them? A never-ending job of finding the people, places and situations perfect for each and every slot, so that you’ll finally, one day, hit the jackpot…

So much work! Phew!

What if, at this point in life, you actually desire SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than you did as a kid?

Come along to the roof-tops of Stockholm and explore that!

If you didn’t have to look for the perfect people to fill the slots of your perfect future, what could you create?

What could we all create together if we left the projections behind?

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P.S. People are already starting to be who they truly be…and that changes everything.

I recently created a new video about exactly that — that being you is what changes everything! You can watch it here!