Where Do You Go To Nurture Your Body?
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When I was younger, I never thought of myself as a rider. I actually had the point of view that horses were a bit dangerous and the best course of action would be to stay far away from them.

Then I met Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness.

In addition to being my business partner and a great friend, Gary is also an absolutely amazing horse-whisperer. One day he asked me if this idea of horses being dangerous was really my point of view? And if the fear was mine…or even real?

I got big NO’s on all those questions!

That very day I got up on a horse and discovered that MY BODY KNEW EXACTLY HOW TO RIDE. Preferably really, really fast!

I suspect my body always knew — i just never listened before. All kinds of points of view were in the way!.

Today when I ride, my body talks to the horse and the horse talks to my body. It is an absolutely beautiful silent, energetic exchange.

And me? I shut up, let them do their job, and just ENJOY!

Come and ride with us! Click below for the video from Santa Barbara, California!

Until next time my beautiful friends!