Body Happy = You Happy
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I am on a horse again! This time riding through in the green, luscious and vibrantly alive rainforest of Costa Rica. (And oh yes, it is the same hat!)

How did I get so lucky? How did my body?

Have you ever noticed that when you choose something that makes your body happy, it makes YOU happy in return?

The ease of that simultaneity of gifting and receiving always amaze me…. What else is possible?¨

Click below for the video!

What if your body was the greatest source of joy around?
What is thing can you do to enjoy your body today?

What if the only thing you had to do was to walk outside the door? What if you and your body could just go out and say…hi…to the sky and land and horizon as they greet you in these 10 seconds? Whatever that looks like!

You know what…that is what I’ll do RIGHT NOW!

Hi sky! Bye everyone!

P.S. Will I hear you on the Magic of Bodies Call? Just check HERE and see if your body gets excited?