You Got This!
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Have you ever had things that were stressful for you? Things you thought you couldn’t handle or didn’t want to do?

Arghhh – ME TOO!

I have been creating some bite-sized inspirations that I would like to share with you – a way to change all of that freak out, stuck, and yuck…

Welcome to ‘You Got This!’, a ‘smorgasbord’ of reality bending audios on topics from changing tiredness, money issues, fear, cranky pants and so much more. Buckle up, get out those earbuds of yours, and take the change along with you wherever you go! Check out the selection here 😉

I created them as a way for you to take the tools of Access Consciousness into the trenches of your life – where you can actually use them to change things in the moment.

This is what I do every single day, to walk myself through different situations when I feel like I get slowed down by anything or anyone.

So my beautiful friend, how much fun can you have changing all that sh*t you thought wasn’t changeable? (Because it just may be a lot easier to change than you think! ;))

From the back of a dragon, bound for unknown shores and new realities, shouting “You Got This!” at the top of my lungs, to all the amazing people I see walking upon the earth as I fly by.


P.S. All these audios are available via the Kajabi App! So if you choose to leap and get some audios, download the free app here for ease of taking the change along with you in your earbuds ;). And the link to the ‘You Got This!’ audios can be found here.

P.S.S. – Share your stories of change from these audios with me! Tag me @dainheer with #igotthisdrd #yougotthis