You KNOW Something Different! (Than Other People Know)
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My beautiful friends… here is something you don’t want to know:  You know something different than other people know.  And it’s time to stop trying to be the same as everyone else; it is time to stop looking to other people for your knowing…

Would you be willing to stop invalidating everything that is different, amazing, phenomenal and amazing about you?  If you did, would you be the change the world is waiting for?  Yes YOU!  No-one can contribute what you can; no-one can be what you be… so what are you waiting for?

Stop looking at the universes of everyone around you… what do you sense when you explore YOUR universe?  Something different?  That difference is what you came here to BE.  Is now the time?

More about the topic on hand in this short two minute audio below… Click Play!

[audio:|titles=Blog #17 Different]


My friends, will you celebrate how unique, brilliant and amazing you are? Would you be willing to BE that, and BE the invitation for others in the world to choose to have all of them?

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-Dr. Dain