3 Highly Effective Tools to Change Your Life
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Whether I am facilitating a class, filming a video, or talking with you Live on Facebook, the 3 tools that I share in this blog come up over and over again.

I offer these to you, because they are what I have used daily, for over 16 years, to completely change my life for the greater.

So here they are! See what works for you and run with it; what doesn’t work for you – leave it here. These are for you to play and experiment with in your daily life.

1. Light and Heavy

Here’s a very simple tool to find out everything that’s true for you and everything that’s not!

You’ll start knowing instantly when something will work for you and can make your life greater, and then you can choose accordingly. Welcome to making choices and decisions with ease!

2. Who Does This Belong To?

Would you like a tool to stop your “monkey mind”, end the constant mind chatter and stop the endless train of thoughts running through your head? The sadness, the depression, the heaviness, the anger… everything that is going through the minds of the people around you, you pick it up and think it’s yours.

The good news is, you can do something about it so that you are no longer at the effect of it! Watch the video below to learn more about ‘Who Does This Belong To?’ (Download the Free App for Who Does It Belong To?)

3. The Clearing Statement

Get ready for change! One of the main tools in Access Consciousness is the Clearing Statement. It is a weird, wacky and extremely dynamic way of changing anything in your life! To get more out of the videos, classes, books and more from Access Consciousness, we invite you to explore this tool (and maybe even try it 😉 )! Just click below to watch a 5 minute video about how this magic wand of Access Consciousness works!

Would you be willing to play with these tools and see what changes for you?

And let me know how it goes! You can find me on Facebook HERE.