Earth & You

I think one of the biggest misunderstanding in this world may be that we need more contribution. It creates this constant search for someone to gift to us.

What if what we truly lack is someone–or something–to gift to, that actually receives?

Receiving and gifting is a simultaneous process… It actually cannot occur in isolation.

Hence, by eternally looking for someone or something to gift to you, you’re continuously refusing exactly what you’re asking for.

Come along to Costa Rica and let me introduce you to the simultaneity of gifting and receiving!

What if the very first step to learning how to receive, is to start gifting to something as big and mighty as this amazing planet of ours?

What if YOU have something to gift to Earth that no one else can?

Just imagine how much you could receive, from the very act of gifting that. 🙂

Just saying!


PS. Just try it once. Maybe tomorrow morning? Ask: Earth, I am so grateful to you. What contribution can I gift to you and what contribution can I receive from you that I never thought possible?