30 Days of ESB

What if every day you woke up as if it was your first day here on this planet? Explore the '15 BILLION' undefined monthly adventure with Dr. Dain >>

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There are no words for what is upcoming …

I started doing these things called “Big ESB Sessions” where we get together, everyone puts in their ASK, and the contribution from all of us opens up more and more space!

It’s been truly phenomenal.

After the last round of 5 ESB sessions, I asked, “What would it take to truly, undeniably changes peoples worlds completely?”

And it hit me … 30 Days of ESB.

Join me as I discuss this further here…

So, here we go.

Just ask, for you…

What future will this create? And, what will your life be like in the next 5 years if you choose it?

You know. You always do.
If it’s light for you, come play!

Can you feel the waves already starting?
We start June 2, 2022.