Body Whispering & Very Different Healers
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Seventeen years ago I was a chiropractor. I got to a place where I was so disappointed with the change that I wasn’t creating in my patients. I was suffering because of it, and I knew there must be something else possible.

Then I came across the tools of Access Consciousness and the tools I will share with you in this new online video course, which is near and dear to my heart, ‘Body Whispering: A Very Different Healer’s Handbook’. Using these tools, I started seeing the miracles I wanted to create in my chiropractic practice and with healing that I always knew were possible.

join me as I discuss this further…

This course is for anybody who works with people and knows there is a different change possible.  Whether you are a massage therapist, a doctor, psychologist, physical therapist or practice any sort of energetic or physical modality, this course was created for you.

Using tools that I’ve learned from doing hundreds of thousand of sessions with people over the last seventeen years, this course distills that information for you in a way that it can seep into your world and not only change the lives of the people that you work with but also your own.

Consider this your warm invitation to a totally different paradigm for healing, change and transformation in all aspects of your life and living!

Your fellow body whisperer,


P.S. To learn more about the course, go here.

P.S.S. For even further exploring, here are six videos about the tools I use every single day:

P.S.S. And if you’d like to jump in immediately, please also come to my Body Whispering class this weekend!!! It’s available online and in person in Santa Barbara!!! Woot woot! You can find out more here.