A Different Possibility On How To Talk To Your Body
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In the current climate, there seems to be a lot going on with our bodies – stress, tension and worry – but what if something entirely different was possible?

Our bodies are so much more aware than we give them credit for. Our bodies have a consciousness of their own. When we start to acknowledge our bodies, our lives become more peaceful, more spacious, happier and filled with more magic!

I would like to invite you to a different awareness with your body, with how you can live and BE with it!

Please join me for this hour workshop on body whispering where I share tools plus an exercise you can do daily to give you more ease, joy, gratitude and possibilities with your bodies.

What if, your body could be your best friend? Rather than being something that is less than?  What if you could be more present in everything you do? Your body is aware and constantly trying to communicate with you but are you listening?

You are a conscious being my friend, and this amazing body of yours is a gift!  If you choose to acknowledge it and be present with it, you can change the way you experience every moment of your life.

What if you, truly being you and acknowledging your body, are the gift, the change and the possibility this world requires?

Grateful for you and your body,


P.S. To delve more deeply into body awareness, please visit more about body whispering here.   And for even further exploring, here are six videos about the tools I use every single day:https://drdainheer.com/whatnow/.

P.S.S. In addition, I have a Body Whispering Class starting this weekend! Please visit here for more information. I’d love to have you there! 🙂