Do You Need To Change In Order To Be Happy?
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What if you didn’t need to change in order to be happy?  So many people, when trying to be happy, think the solution lies in changing something about themselves.

Have you ever thought any of the following:

👉 I’d be happier if I was more like…
👉 If I could stop being X, life would be easier…
👉 Not fitting in has always been a problem for me…

Many of us grow up not realizing that we are unique and that is a gift. Perhaps you, like me, grew up without being acknowledged for the gift that you are.

What’s true for other people doesn’t need to be true for you.

What if you built a life that supports your differences?

Being you doesn’t mean figuring out who you are. It’s understanding that you are too big too be defined, and that you need to stop trying to fit yourself in a box!

When you were a child, were you taught it was “wrong” to be happy, and that you were somehow strange or “abnormal” for being happy all of the time? Perhaps you think that’s crazy – but I bet many of you are nodding your head, having experienced something similar.

Many of us are taught that it is wrong, or bad, to be happy – particularly when so many people in the world are suffering or experiencing hardship.

What if you just haven’t been able to see what’s RIGHT about the gift of your ability to feel joy?!

What ease would that create with your life?


Try asking:

👉 What’s right about me that I’m not getting?
👉 Is this judgment even mine?

Every time you have the urge to judge yourself, keep asking “Is this mine?”

I explore this in my book “Being You, Changing The World”.  You can receive a free chapter by clicking here.

And if you’ve ever felt like you had to change yourself, you are not alone! I spent decades trying to change myself in order to be happy.

What if you being YOU means being happy, and what if that is the greatest contribution you could make to the world?

Grateful for your happy and for YOU,


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