Adventures With ADHD!
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Join me for A Dain Heer Discovery!…. where I digress from my digression about digressing 😉…. I actually wonder if anything I say isn’t a digression… 😆 (Omg, that’s ADHD! How does it get better?!)

Anyways…let’s digress!

What if the way that you create, and do things is not single minded, not normal, not linear and totally different?

You see, you trying to be linear is like a dragon not allowing itself to fly, or only flying low in a straight line, and never torching anything.

Will you give yourself the freedom again to just explore, and create in a way only you can?  Join me as I discuss this further…

Try playing with this question: If I were truly creating my life today, what would I choose right away? Where would I put my energy? What would I choose?

Thanks for digressing with me!


P.S. You all get gold stars! 😉

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