Creating The Future With Choice
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Who’s ready for a deep dive today? Put on your energetic scuba gear, because we’re going where few dare!

Join me as we delve deeply into the the subject of choices that create the future, my friends….

What do you know that goes so far beyond this reality that it seems that it almost doesn’t exist?…but you know it does…and you’ve known forever that it does?

Allow yourself to expand your awareness out in all directions.

If you were to allow yourself to be that much space all the time, you would be connected with every molecule of the planet all the time!

And there would be a connection between you and all of us all the time. 🙂

What else would be possible if you would allow that space to be the space of your awareness?

When a new possibility appears, what if instead of contracting into your head to figure it out, you could go to the space of the entire world and ask for the awareness to be shown to you? What if that is more how an infinite being creates? It’s just the constructs and the stranglehold of this reality that prevents you from having the awareness.

Welcome to the Energetic Synthesis of Communion (ESC)!

The ESC does not work on any level you think it does… It’s a whisper of possibilities beyond all thought…. Beyond feeling, beyond emotion, but even more, beyond all technical-technological-infused realities and structures, beyond everything that you’ve been making real for a very very long time.

Thank you for being one of the brave souls willing to explore it!

Grateful for you,


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