Are You Run By Your Feelings?

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Does it sometimes seem like you are run by your feelings?

What if there is a completely different way of functioning in the world available?

It is funny — for a long time, when I started to explore who I as, way before Access Consciousness, I spent a lot of time trying to get more into contact with my feelings.

Here is the thing: you’re body is actually the one FEELING.

You, my friend, perceive, receive and know. That is very, very different.

So when you, as a being, make feelings real, you cut off exactly what could guide you to – and through – what is actually going on.

The feelings negate your being and you lose contact with what is true for you, what you know, receive and perceive.

Please know, I am NOT saying we should now all be cold and indifferent!

What this is about is going beyond the limitations that that box of ‘good or bad feelings’ and reach into a space of clarity and peace where you can choose from.

What I’ve noticed is that the kindness, presence and caring is greater than ever when people function from that space.

And yes, this may be one of those videos you have to watch a few times; it is a game changer!


PS – Here is a clearing you can run: What feelings am I using to create the yuck (WHATEVER THAT IS) that I am choosing?