How High Would You Fly?

Remember the light and heavy tool? What is true always makes you feel lighter. A lie always makes you feel heavier.

So if something makes you feel lighter, it is true for you however strange the words may sound. It may not be not true for anyone else, and it is still true for you.

One place where we should really use this tool is when it comes to OURSELVES. If we did, we would know what is true for us. Instead we get caught in the seductive I-Am-Trap.

We are taught that the way to find out who you are in life is to define yourself as often as you can; I am This. I am Not This.

Then we buy it as true and get to be it FOREVER.

Arghhh? Come along with me to New Zealand and explore what else is possible! Watch the video here:

What lies have you bought about you that are not true?

And if you let them go, how light would you be?

What is true about you that you have not yet acknowledged?

If you would acknowledged that, how high could you fly?

Just saying,


If you’re new to the light and heavy tool or would just like to learn more, click HERE.