Are You Overcomplicating Things? | Tour of Consciousness
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Do you ever find yourself… overcomplicating things?

I wouldn’t either…. Oh wait, except I do… Like I did with this video!

I had the really cool idea of shooting this video with my drone.

Cut to 23,756,088,732 takes later…hahaha and I have a new Tour of Consciousness video.

How many times do we over-complicate things?

How much harder to we make things for ourselves?

I would like to reintroduce an old and classic phrase: “Keep it simple stupid.”

How can we use this classic phrase? Just think of one area of your life that you know you are overcomplicating right now. Ask: how can I simplify this to its most basic components? Allow yourself to receive the awareness. 

I’ve heard so many successful business people say to do things only at 80% and give that other 20% to YOU.

Be willing to do the 80% and not seek perfection.

Watch the video to see what I mean! 

Be willing to simplify. Let’s choose, create, and receive more ease!

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