Do You Enjoy Your Image?

I know, it’s been a while… And no, my Tour bus did not break down. It has been running like crazy, taking me to on all kinds of new adventures in creation-land!

Anyhow – I AM BACK!

And I would like to explore one of the things that I’ve come across a lot lately!

Perfectly curated images.

Let me ask you: Do you sometimes stress out when you’re around a lot of people?

Me too!

One reason for that is our acute awareness of other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. For many of us, it can feel like our heads will explode when we spend too long in big groups. Ouch!

However, another reason that it can be stressful to hang out with more than two people is when we make it vital to keep our facade up.

Why? Well, it is basically impossible to curate our image perfectly for a lot of people simultaneously!

Come along to Houston and I will tell you more!

What if you are pretty cool just as you are?

What if you don’t have to curate yourself AT ALL before you show up in the world?

What if you could just show up and say: Hi!
Warts, farts and all! 🙂

Just saying.


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