Getting Over The Yuck & Creating An Expansive Future
Author   Category Limitless Living

I had the pleasure of speaking with my friend Amrit of Inspired Evolution recently.  Not only did we talk about getting over the yuck and living more openly, but we spoke of creating more for the future!  Please join us for this fun, engaging conversation.

Some of the things we covered are:

The Interesting Point of View Tool – What if you could use this tool to create ease and change in your world?


Vulnerability with self and self awareness

Cooperation and communion vs competition

The clearing statement

Asking questions and getting out of conclusions and judgement

Spacious awareness and presence

How this benevolent, phenomenal universe has our back, and that the universe is miraculous.

The light and heavy tool, and how what is true is lighter.

Asking questions to create change


What if you started putting these tools into practice and see where it takes you? And stay tuned through to the end where we do a special exercise!

What would the world be like if we embrace our awareness and the greatness of us?! And what the heck else is possible now?!


P.S. For more tools, please visit my YouTube page here, and my Tour of Consciousness page here.

P.S.S. And for upcoming classes, I have a Being You Changing The World Class coming up! And your invited!