Experience Being You Right Now
Author   Category Limitless Living

You can’t be talked into being you — you can only experience it.

And choose it.

My suggestion: Experience it more!

How many experiences can you have that connect you with your being? That put a smile on your face and make you come alive!

I had an experience like that just a few days ago!

I went to El Lugar…

The small choices that we make every day, the choices that we think are insignificant, are really the choices that change our life and the world.

What can you choose to experience that connects you to YOU today?


P.S. You are invited to join me, the Being You Crew, and a whole series of guests to celebrate the International Being You Day. It is our gift to you as a way of inviting you to experience you!

Go here to find out why we created it, when it starts and how to participate! And if you see it, after the fact, there will be a full day replay! Yes!