Still Trying To Solve Your Money Issue?

So, have you been playing with this money thing for lifetimes and lifetimes and lifetimes? When something isn’t changing… you have to look at it from a totally different place! Especially if you have been using the Access Consciousness™ tools and it still hasn’t changed!

With Access, you apply the tools – it changes. So, if your money thing hasn’t changed, the only reason it hasn’t changed is that you are looking from a place other than that which will create the change.

Here’s the thing. If you are willing to have the energy of living that generosity and joy are, you will actually create the money to support it!! But most of us are wandering around going “I’m not very happy. And I don’t have much energy because I’m not very happy. And I don’t wanna stick out, so I’m gonna act like I can’t create money. And instead of creating any of those things, I’m gonna act like I actually belong on this planet.”

Well…what if you don’t belong here? What if you are the anomaly? You know that thing about being the square peg in the round hole? Well you’re like this 18 billion-sided multicoloured holographic peg that fits in no hole!!

So, lets do something different! Here’s a taster from a recent money class I did in San Francisco.

[audio:|titles=Dr. Dain Heer – Money Issue]

Did you notice we were having a whole lot of fun with money? What if you were willing to have that much fun and joy with money? Could that create the change with money you are looking for?

If you’d like to play, you could start by listening to this audio taster and the clearings about a thousand times! And yes, you can put it on a loop and play it silently – it will still create change!

(Oh yeah… and just so you know… I wasn’t calling you stupid in that clearing statement. When we use the word stupidity we mean ‘what lack of awareness…’ – stupid is uneducated; stupidity is a lack of awareness… just sayin!)


Want to come to a live class about Money? Dain will be in IRELAND on March 13th, 2013