Getting Over Loneliness At All Times Of The Year
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The holidays are a time where it feels like everything is a bit magnified… There is celebration, joy and brightness in the world; but there is also a lot of sadness, loneliness and grief.  It’s often a touchy time of year where whatever we are feeling gets underscored by parties, gatherings and traditions.

But the holidays don’t create these feelings.  WE don’t even create most of these feelings.

Rather, we pick them up from our parents and the world around us.  And the key to overcoming loneliness and sadness is to understand where it all began.

Join me and Michelle Chalfant as we talk about loneliness, how to identify what is ours and what is not, how to clear what’s not ours, and so many more important, empowering topics!

When we open the door for possibilities, it makes that available to everybody else on the planet.

Join us as we discuss this further here… (And truly, these tools work for WHENEVER you feel lonely! It doesn’t just have to be during the holidays!)

Did you watch it?  There are so many tools in this to start clearing the heaviness you may feel at any point during the year.

We don’t have to be limited by the world around us.

You have the power within you to change. When you’re able to get rid of what is not yours, it gives you the space and energy to work on what IS yours and create your life instead of falling victim to it.

I hope the tools in this episode contribute to you finding your inner power, no matter what you’re feeling this holiday season – or any time of the year!

Grateful for you,


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