Give Yourself the Space To Ask & Choose
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Most of us have been taught to create our lives from what we are supposed to do, without ever asking any questions about what it is we would like to create beyond the definitions and expectations.

So what if instead of fixating on the problems or the difficult situations, you gave yourself the space to ask and choose what you can do to amaze yourself today?

Welcome to a tool you can use this month!!!

A question from Mr. Gary Douglas, from the last Creative Edge of Consciousness call…

Access Consciousness

Just take a moment right now, lower your barriers, and ask this question:

What can I do to amaze myself today?

What energies come up when you ask this question?

What is the sense in your universe?

This is one of those questions that will look good on a mirror as a constant reminder and a question to start your day with!

What if every second was the possibility of a new beginning?

✱ WATCH – Have you laughed today?

Tour of Consciousness with me!!!

Grateful for you and the gift you are in the world,


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