Having Someone's Back

What does it mean to have someones back?

I’ve been exploring this a lot lately in my own life…

So what does it mean?

Well, when someone has your back, they don’t require or expect you to be perfect. They’re present with you whatever you choose in those ten seconds. The good, the bad and the ugly. All of it.  People that truly have your back recognize the greatness of you even during the moments you’re not willing to know or choose it.

Join me as I discuss this further!

I am so blessed with having people around me that truly have my back. It it is one of the greatest gifts and miracles of my living. The awe I have for what can open up when someone has your back, grows every single day.

And that, my friends, creates the space that allows YOU to see it again and choose it and be it again.

In that moment, the world changes.

What if you were willing to be that for someone today?

What if you were even willing to be that for … you?


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