Today Is The Beginning Of The Rest of Your Life

Have you ever really acknowledged what we’re truly capable of? What if you realized that you are the possibility this planet has for creating a world beyond judgment and destruction as a necessity?

Yes, you my friend.

Join me as I discuss this further here…

What would it be like if every time, in the next few days, when something came up where you felt like you had to make yourself less or go into judgment or make yourself smaller or feel bad about you or judge you or make you wrong, you went… “No! Not today.”

Just like that.

This reality is basically designed to separate you from consciousness, the greatness of you and the capacities you truly have. That doesn’t mean you have to buy any of it as true!

What if you let the wrongness go and allowed yourself to see how easy it can actually be to change the entire makeup of your reality and how you show up in the world?

Starting today?

Grateful for you,


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