How Do You Change What You Don’t Know How To Change?

What if every day you woke up as if it was your first day here on this planet? Explore the '15 BILLION' undefined monthly adventure with Dr. Dain >>

How do you describe the indescribable?

Shannon O’Hara has an impromptu conversation with me, and shares her experience of the ESB over the years…

Join me for this fun, expansive conversation with my good friend and colleague Shannon… Truly, what change is possible that is beyond what we think is possible?

What if these tools can truly empower each of us to know that we each have a knowing, an intuition… And with all of this, what if we can choose a better life and living into the future?

This is your invitation to become the acoustic wave of change you’ve always perceived possible and now can…BE.

What if you truly being you ARE the gift, the change, the possibility this world requires?!


P.S. You can read more and watch a video about the class here!