What Would You Choose If You Were Being You?
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What would you choose if you were being you?

Sounds like a strange question, doesn’t it? I mean, logically, who else would you be?

But seriously, how many times have you tried to be someone that you are not? Every time you alter your behavior to fit in, or to better suit the situation or to please someone else, or to avoid judgment or punishment of some sort, you are not being you. Every time you automatically choose an ‘appropriate’ outfit to wear, or for that matter, do anything automatically without consciously choosing, you are not being you.

This reality calls it ‘socialization’. And we are brought up to believe it is a good thing; for the good of you and everybody else. But this gives you no choice in how to behave, and we grow up thinking that that is the way things are; that we will never have choice or that we are somehow wrong and should supress what we would choose if we were being ourselves.

The more you do things to try to fit in or do what others would like or expect from you for whatever reason, the more you lose your true self.

Now, I am not telling you to not care for others or to just do what you want whenever you want; that is not what the ‘kingdom of we’ is about. But we spend our whole lives being told what we should and shouldn’t do and having expectations projected at us, that we often forget who we are. Then we wonder why we are miserable. Because we are trying to be someone we are not. What if you could make the conscious choice to do and be what you desire?


You being you creates a confidence and a presence.

You don’t have the same need of approval or of being liked or getting validation. Can you sense the freedom that comes with that? And when you choose that, the desire for what you would like your life to truly be shows up; something that is actually going to increase the adventure of living, increase the joy, increase the money flows. When you are being you it creates so much more; you can literally walk into a room and change the energy, creating different possibilities compared to if you are trying to be something that you are not. What would it take to be that all the time?


You being you is a place where you can once again have fun and ease, and anybody else’s point of view doesn’t matter.

One of the things Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the co-creators of Access Consciousness, have always spoken about is, if you have the willingness to receive judgment, it’s like being a big marshmallow; people can poke it but it just comes back to being a marshmallow. What if you were willing to actually receive judgment?


You being you is a place where you are fully alive and fully present. Being you is about coming alive.

And that coming alive comes from an aggressive presence that you can have in your life all the time. You can be so present that you automatically become yourself; because you are there, you are present with yourself. It is the magic of being you.


You being you is a place where anything is possible.

Being you is having fun and creating a space where judgments no longer affect you. What would it be like if you gave up trying to fit in? What if your difference is your brilliance? What would it be like to be you?

A simple tool you can use to follow the energy of what is true for you is asking questions such as, ‘What would I choose if I were truly being me?’, ‘What do I truly desire?’ and ‘What would I like to create with my life?’, as often as you remember. This is not about answering the question, it is about getting the energy of what you would like to create as your life. What is true for you makes you feel lighter, so follow what is true for you and have fun being you!

Now what else is possible?


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