How to Stop Your Cranky Mood - Dr. Dain Heer

Today I would like to teach you how to take a particular part of clothing off: your cranky pants.

(For my friends from abroad: Cranky is an American term for ill-tempered and irritable.)

Here is a clue:
What if those darn cranky pants are not even yours? Aha!
What if it is a piece of clothing you’ve put on because other people have the point of view that you NEED pants?
What if everything about those pants is a total…lie?

You curious yet?

Come along to Houston and allow yourself to be undressed!

Did you watch it? If so, here is the question again:
What is it you love in your life right now that you haven’t allowed yourself to know that you love because other people don’t, and you’re not supposed to?

You could possibly write this on a yellow sticky-note and put it on your mirror…. And then again, you could refuse to do something so utterly silly.

It is just a choice, my friend.

What do you choose?
What do you love?

Your little gypsy,

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