How To Stop Judging
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Have you been searching for answers, trying out every modality under the sun, doing all the “right” things for your health and happiness… and yet nothing seems to work?

Twenty years ago, I was on the verge of ending my own life. I felt like I’d tried EVERYTHING to shift this headspace and find happiness, but nothing was working and nothing was changing.

At that moment, when I was desperate and ready to give up, I discovered a set of transformative tools and energy practices that changed the course of my life forever. And I’m so grateful for it.

In this wonderful conversation with Melissa Ambrosini, we got to talk about how these simple, actionable tools and techniques can create lasting change in YOUR life too.  Join us as we discuss this further here.

There are so many strategies for creating the wildly fulfilling life of your dreams, tapping into the immense wisdom that lives inside your body, ways to eat intuitively, and why being the fullest, truest version of yourself is the tipping point that can change everything.

In this episode we chat about:

  • How I found my way out of the darkest period of my life (and why I’m such a huge advocate for the power of gratitude) (01:59)
  • What is Access Consciousness and how can it change your life? (04:57)
  • A powerful method you can use right now to tap into your body’s innate intelligence (12:51)
  • How to radically amplify your intuition (and why fear-based thinking is the enemy of intuitive wisdom) (20:07)
  • How to finally break free from the cycle of toxic self-talk and negativity (28:37)
  • Simple but genius steps to access more relaxation and joy in your daily life (39:04)
  • My favorite books, and my powerful daily rituals for cultivating bodily wisdom and mental sharpness (42:24)

What else is possible now, my friends?!


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P.S.S. And for even further exploring, here are six videos about the tools I use every single day: