How To Survive And Thrive During a Global Pandemic
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It was a pleasure to join Ellie McKay again on her ‘On A Mission’ podcast… Last time on her podcast, I got to share my story.

But this time we have flipped the script!

In her last show, Ellie had noticed that I said a word that peaked her interest: “plan-demic”. And she wanted to get me back on the show to find out exactly what I meant by that.

You don’t change this reality by fighting against it. You change it by ignoring it and creating your own.

We can create the reality that bucks against the given narrative, by developing our own reality and a different possibility in order to break free from the control that others seek to exert over our lives.

Please join us as we discuss this further here


  • Instinct is telling us that something about this health crisis is not quite right. Any level of research will show that it is very likely that the pandemic has been planned, and in many cases perpetuated.
  • Fighting back against the given narrative can never gain us triumph. The only way to truly combat the narrative is to ignore the one we’re given, and instead live by the one we choose.
  • Altering the way we view the narrative is about gaining mastery over our mind’s determination to align with the fear being perpetuated by others. We must be willing to consider a different path and possibility, even if it goes against the grain of what the majority are choosing.
  • We are often made to feel as though acute awareness is somehow a negative trait; when in reality, it is simply our innate energy trying to convey warning messages about people. Never be afraid to follow your instincts. You are not being judgmental, but simply aware.

I wonder what else is possible now and next as you follow your awarenesses?

Grateful for you,


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