Is It Time to Fire Your Mind?
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Do you realize that we use our mind to create a separation between us and our energetic awareness?

The mind functions like a very conservative stingy gate-keeper, making sure only what it recognizes and judges as good and real can come through.

That, my friend, means that only a fraction of what is truly possible reaches you! Or even less than a fraction…

What if now is time to finally fire your gate-keeper?

What could you receive, know and be, if there were no filters anymore?

Come along and watch my latest installment in the ’What the Bleep is energy series’. This time I am talking about your mind, your brain, consciousness and… energy.

You are consciousness. You run on energy. 

Is it time to acknowledge that and learn how to go beyond who and what the mind has decided you are?

If yes, consider learning more about the Energetic Synthesis of Being 3-Day Intensive Classes.

These classes are starting point for a different way of functioning with life, the world and everyone one around you; based on energetic awareness.

What possibilities could we all actualize together that our minds can not even fathom? In the present, past and future?

Just saying!


PS. This was part #5 is my series ’What the Bleep is Energy’. You can find the other four parts on thisYouTube Playlist. Enjoy!