Rome, the Castle and 3 Days of Cranky Pants

Have you ever wondered what else is truly possible? WHAT IF YOU COULD FREE YOUR MIND, STRESS AND ANXIETY – even if you think you’ve tried everything? >>

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Consciousness is not just about being happy all the time!
And even after 17 years of using the tools from Access Consciousness​, I too have a bad day (or days 😬) every now and then.

The change you’re asking for never shows up the way you think it’s going to my friends! And, just because it doesn’t feel like magic at the time, doesn’t mean the magic is not happening.

Luckily, my friend Gary Douglas​ recently did a telecall about Feelings that changed everything for me personally!

Hope you enjoy watching! Tell me what comes up for you, I really want to know!

To learn more about the Castle and even stay a night there, go to!
What else is possible now?!