Joyfully Unlimited
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Welcome to a new Tour of Consciousness Revisited! Let’s talk about JOY 🤩

How much have you decided that joy will appear once you have completed or achieved a certain set of things? …That once all the problems and wrongness disappear then joy can emerge?

But, that’s actually one of the greatest lies.
You see, joy is actually our fundamental state.

Join me as I discuss this further in this new Tour of Consciousness revisited!

And here are some questions to ask…

🌟 What if rather than having to have it all right first, what if joy is actually a choice that you make that then ripples out and changes everything?

🌟 What space for joy do you have available that if you would choose to have it would change the nature of reality?

🌟 What choice for joy do you have available that you are not currently choosing that if you would choose it would create a greater life for you and a greater world for us all?

🌟 What have you made so vital about not being limitless that you would let the limitations of other peoples worlds run you and limit you?

🌟 If you were creating your life from the joy of it today, what would you choose right away?

If you make the choice for joy, then the things in your life open up to make that your reality.

Choose your joy, my friends!


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