An ADHD Adventure
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Join me for A Dain Heer Discovery! (Omg, that’s ADHD! How does it get better?!)…. where I digress from my digression about digressing 😉…. I actually wonder if anything I say isn’t a digression… 😆

Anyways…let’s digress!

What if the way that you create, and do things is not single minded, not normal, not linear and totally different?

You see, you trying to be linear is like a dragon not allowing itself to fly, or only flying low in a straight line, and never torching anything.

Will you give yourself the freedom again to just explore, and create in a way only you can?  Join me as I discuss this further here…

Try playing with this question: If I were truly creating my life today, what would I choose right away? Where would I put my energy? What would I choose?

Thanks for digressing with me!


P.S. You all get gold stars! 😉

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