Do You Know a Baby Unicorn?
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We wrote a little book about baby unicorns.

It tells the true tale about what would be possible if we all treated each other as we should be treated – instead of the way most of us have been treated.

It is a guide on how-to truly welcome baby unicorns into the world!

Are there any baby unicorns around you?

Or even …in you?

Then maybe this book is for you. 🙂

You’ll find it here. 



Dr. Dain Heer & Katarina Wallentin
Once & Forever Unicorns




This book is so uplifting and adorable, it made me smile all along. I wish it would have been available when I was a child. It surely would have been of great help when I tried to somehow navigate through this world._

– Patricia Bloom, Austria

While I was reading The Baby Unicorn Manifesto, I thought of how much I would have loved to have had a book like that when I was kid. By the end of it, I was crying and so thankful it was not too late to read it. I will recommend it to every parent I know and will not have to think of a present to gift my students and friends’ kids anymore!_

– Ana Helena Carneiro, Brazil

Cuddly and heartwarming! A joyous and beautiful reminder of the undeniable uniqueness of every individual. The simplicity yet high effectiveness with which Katarina and Dain awake your awareness of your own singularity and magic, and how truly special you really are for this world, is in itself a gift and an act of magic! I will repeatedly get back to it to embrace and be reminded of that space. Thank you!

-Emilio García