When Your Life Isn't What You Want It To Be

I had spent my whole life looking for answers. If I could only find the right answer, maybe I would be happy. Maybe my life would work. I have discovered that it’s questions, not answers that change everything.

Questions open the door to all possibilities. Questions take you beyond all of the conclusions that you have about life, about others and about you.

Two great questions to ask are, “What else is possible?” And, “How does it get any better than this?” No matter what happens. Ask these questions! Open up to the possibility that there is something far greater than you’ve ever known. Open up to the possibility that YOU are far greater than you’ve been willing to see.

You can read more for 2 more tools to create a greater life in my article, ‘Read This When Your Life Isn’t What You Want It To Be’, in Thought Catalog by clicking here.

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