Living With No Regrets

I was recently asked to share my biggest business regret in magazine.

And my response was – Don’t be too hard on yourself!

I used to wake up every day judging myself for what I didn’t do yesterday, and at a certain point I realized that if I’m going to truly create what I’m capable of, I’ve got to start living “No More Regrets.” You see, judgment is one of the biggest killers of our creative capacities. Judgment stops everything. So instead of judging me for what I did or didn’t do, I started living these four key tips:

  1. Have way too much fun, more than you’re supposed to.
  2. Have no regrets and do whatever it takes to enjoy being alive.
  3. Lower your barriers.
  4. Drop the resistance.

What could you create in your life if you stopped the judgment? What else would be possible my friends?

Until next time,