Benevolent Leadership Changing the World

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There are a few things that make me really really really really really….HAPPY!

Like when people are able to finally hear something that could change their world. And The World!

Like when my best friend Gary Douglas gets to speak about Benevolent Capitalism on Breakfast TV New Zealand and the people in the studio get…all excited.

So in this video I have my excited face on!

Did it make you smile? 🙂

If yes, go and hear Gary talk about how companies can create a more benevolent future by clicking HERE.

What can you contribute to the world that would make it a greater place today?

Just asking!
PS. What is Benevolent Capitalism & How Does it Work? Go here! 

PS.2. Want more? Here you can watch a video when I talk about Benevolent Leadership at the Wisdom conference in Stockholm, Sweden last year.