My Journey Into Being Me
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In every class, I like to ask, “If you could have anything out of this, what would it be?”

Dylan, one participant at a Being You, Changing the World class in Australia 2014 answered, “to break every limitation that I have set on myself, knowingly or unknowingly… and to be able to defy the judgment on myself that I don’t deserve to actually belong in this world.”

So… what’s changed since that day?

Watch and see why Dylan says, “Finding more of you is one of the most phenomenal things there is.”

May 22 is International Being You Day, where we celebrate the weird, the wacky, and the wonderful.

Yes… you! 🙂

This year, we’re starting the celebration early with this series of videos about Being You – Being Different released all during this month of May.

What about the actual day – May 22?
Go here to learn more about the when, where, and how:

Grateful for you being YOU,


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