The Gift of Difference
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What this world needs now more than ever is people who are willing to take off their disguise of being normal and SHINE like the different creatures we are.

When I see someone like you, when I have the honor of truly seeing someone, tapping into their energy, and getting the download of the beauty and difference of their being, I want to run up and give that person our secret alien handshake!

(You know what I mean, right?… the handshake, the hug, the smile…that acknowledges you and everything that is unique and different and great about you…)

An acknowledgment and a space where your difference is not squashed, but it is encouraged. 

And the thing is, the beauty of an acknowledgement like that – from one “alien” to another… is that not only is each person made greater as a result of it, so is everyone and the world around them.

I don’t know about you, but THAT is the sort of world I am asking for.

What are you asking for, and what change do you know is possible right here, right now, on our planet?

Is NOW THE TIME (and space) to choose it?

In honor of this year’s 2nd International Being You Day on May 22nd, I’d love to invite you to a livestream – Being You, Being the Change You Know is Possible.

Bring your weird and wonderful self.

There is absolutely no need to diminish or hide that beautiful difference of you.

It is truly a gift, my friend.

Let’s embrace and celebrate our differences, with people from all over the world this Being You Day!!!

From your alien friend, who is looking forward to giving you that secret alien handshake in person someday,


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