Our Point Of View Creates Our Reality

By changing our outlook on life, we can change our life. There are so many tools that can create the life we desire – e.g. asking questions, changing our points of view, and so many more.  Recently, I had the wonderful possibility of speaking with the Hindustan Times about this, and what follows are excerpts from our conversation.








So you were a successful chiropractor. How did it all start for you?

I was a moderately successful chiropractor. I always knew there was more possible in life, but I couldn’t seem to create it. I stumbled upon Access Bars through a newspaper advert.  So, I had an Access Bars session done. [In that session] We worked on money, because that was one of the big things I wanted to change. It was one of the reasons for my unhappiness, and it changed that day right after that session. But I also had some amazing experiences using these simple tools, and having them change things miraculously… To go from a space of absolutely ‘no hope’ kinda life to ‘oh my god the world is so beautiful’ was amazing.


What happens if we have a session about money? Does that make a person less conscious about the need for money or does it bring money into his or her life? How does it change?

It changes your fixed point of view that keeps money from coming to you. See, the difference between somebody who has money and somebody who doesn’t, is the point of view that invites the money or keeps the money away.

Our point of view creates our reality, our reality doesn’t create our point of view.

It’s like if you see two people who experience the exact same situation and they respond to it differently, you see how they create a different outcome as a result. Our point of view creates our reality. If you decide something is a certain way, for instance “money only comes from hard work”, then that’s the only way that money can come to you. From hard work. If you have that point of view, then money can’t come to you easily. You can’t suddenly get a nice easy tax refund, or lottery win, or financial gift. You’ve decided that “money only comes from hard work”, so that’s the only way it can show up for you. That’s the power we have . What if you could use that power to your advantage? Access Consciousness is all about asking questions that open up possibilities.

So, when it comes to money, it is a big thing in different countries and cultures. When you receive everything with no judgement, then money can be received too. One of the things that a lot of people have a trouble receiving is judgement; so they keep it out and they put a wall around themselves so they don’t get judged or feel the judgement. But the thing is, when you build walls, they don’t let in money, let in love, let in kindness, let in joy.  Walls just block everything. The only real way of changing this dynamically is to push down all the walls using all kinds of tools that allow you to do that in Access Consciousness.

My suggestion is do ‘who does this belong to’ for three days for everything — every thought, feeling , emotion — you have. If you ask ‘who does it belong to’ in the middle of judgement, anger, fear, or something else; and realize that it’s not yours and return it to the sender, you’ll notice the difference. We have a free app which explains it a lot more actually…


What’s your biggest take away from the 19 years of conscious life?

Everything is possible and everything is changeable, and judgement sucks.


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