Overcoming Loneliness & Social Isolation

With an increasing number of digital distractions and people choosing to interact face-to-face far less, recent decades have witnessed a massive increase in social isolation and loneliness across every generation.

Compared to when baby boomers were growing up, health issues such as anxiety and depression are more visible nowadays. Many people are not immune to ill mental health (including the elderly), and social aspects such as loneliness can leave people struggling with day to day life and feeling unsure where to turn for answers.

There are ways, though, in dealing with and overcoming those waves of depression you might experience.

One way is to connect with others through various activities. Reintegrating into society and starting to connect to others can feel like an infusion of fresh energy and possibility rather than this downwards spiral. Some examples of ways to get back out there could be everything from going to coffee meet-ups to book clubs, to finding a way to share your story and knowledge of the world with those who need it.  One of the things I suggest is find some place to mentor somebody. Mentoring changes the energy of your day, and the focus becomes contribution. Mentoring possibilities is one way, writing a book about your life and experiences is another. There’s so many ways in which we can change our perspectives that most people aren’t looking at.


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