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This class is truly on the creative edge of Access Consciousness. During this 4-day advanced training, you will become intimately aware of energies and learn how to truly utilize them to create your life, living and a totally different reality! Are you aware that your…Read More

Maestro Class

UPCOMING MAESTRO CLASSES 2023 November 27–December 1, Rome, Italy: Maestro Class This is an adventure in conducting your own symphony of life. Are you the explosion of possibilities walking? Are your capacities with energy expanding exponentially after the Symphony of Possibilities Training? Would you like…Read More

Choice for Possibilities Classes

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UPCOMING CHOICE FOR POSSIBILITIES CLASSES 2024 July 20–22, Dubai, United Arab Emirates & Online Worldwide: Choice for Possibilities (CFP) The Choice for Possibilities class is where you begin to see what is actually possible for you because of the difference you are and how to…Read More

Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB)

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UPCOMING ESB CLASSES & EVENTS 2024 June 28–30, Washington, USA & Online Worldwide: Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB) August 09–11, Istanbul, Türkiye & Online Worldwide: Energetic Synthesis of Being (ESB) ENERGETIC SYNTHESIS OF BEING This intensive takes you deeper into the wondrous adventure of Dr….Read More


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Have you been looking for a way to stop the endless chatter of thoughts in your head? A way to get out of the contraction and limitation of this reality? Welcome to the Energetic Synthesis of Communion, the ESC. Communion is the energy, the sense…Read More

Webcasts & Telecalls

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MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS   What if you asked: ”I wonder what adventures I’m going to have? I wonder what universes I’m going to change? I wonder how much fun I can have? I wonder what I’ll discover today?” What if every day you woke up as…Read More