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Tools for a New Year… Part 2

Author   Category Limitless Living

We’re entering a brand new amazing year… The best possible year — so far! And I have a mission for you, my friends!  BE HERE FOR THIS YEAR. Be fully present, fully alive; receiving everything, judging nothing. How? Well, that is the million-dollar question! I…Read More

Happy Crappy Holidaze

Author   Category Limitless Living

Feeling Strange AF? It’s not your fault. Recognize that you’re highly aware. Holiday season is like a big game of telephone with billions of people! During this episode, I share my favorite tools to have more fun, more space, more lightness and more of YOU…Read More

The Tree Is Back Again!

Not sure if you’ve noticed but most people live in a weird, weird world during the holidays. Now…that is NOT YOUR WORLD. Or rather, it doesn’t have to be, because YOU HAVE TOOLS. (Hurray!) This installment of the Tour of Consciousness is a mini-reminder of…Read More