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A New Way Of Healing

Author   Category Limitless Living

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s never too late to change your perspective and open up to new experiences. Life is filled with beautiful things waiting to be discovered. This is how I changed my life life twenty years ago…. What if you can transform your…Read More

Loneliness at the Holidays

The holidays are a time where it feels like everything is a bit magnified… There is celebration, joy and brightness in the world; but there is also a lot of sadness, loneliness and grief.  It’s often a touchy time of year where whatever we are…Read More

The Superpower of Luck

Have you ever desired to have a superpower…or two? Nahh. Never, huh? 🙂 What if I told you that you have one? Or that you BE one? Already. And that the more you acknowledge that, the stronger it will grow. Come along to this installment…Read More

What Is Your Body Whispering?

Author   Category Body Talk

What is your body whispering to you today? Mine said… “Dolphins!” It spoke quite loudly actually. More of a demand, than a whisper really…. 🙂  And I listened. As you will see in this special edition of the Tour of Consciousness. What does your body…Read More