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Creating Miracles

Author   Category Limitless Living

Revisiting an oldie Tour Of Consciousness packed full of tools… and miracles!!!! Yes! And even though this was filmed during the holiday season, the tools work year round, my friends!!! Yep, it’s been a while, sorry people! I’ve been busy changing the world — and…Read More

Stop Stalling Today

Author   Category Limitless Living

Are you sometimes a procrastinator? Someone who puts things off to the last minute? Well, I am. Or maybe I was… 🙂 So what is the stalling of creation all about? Come along to Houston for more about this…. Are you ready to start creating…Read More

Create Anything?

Author   Category Limitless Living

Are you a bit uncomfortable? Or strangely happy? Wondering what happened to everything we all were taking for granted? What if I told you that we have changed tracks? What if now is the time to acknowledge that? That is what I am aiming to…Read More

Points of Creation

Do you realize that most of us tend to function from points of connection? What is that? Well, what we do is take a judgment about something we have, that is like somebody else’s judgment; and then we keep connecting to that person (or persons)…Read More

You & Creating Everything

Do you realize that every time you judge something, or get frustrated by something, it is because YOU (yes you) have been there and done that? And contributed to its existence. In some version, in some way, at some time. What if you are actually…Read More