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A Conversation About Being You

Author   Category Being You

I’m so grateful to have had this conversation with the amazing Andee Hoig of metroTV and metroMagazine, discussing Being You and International Being You Day coming up! Join us for this fun discussion! What can you choose to experience that connects you to YOU today?…Read More

Possibilities of Happiness?

Author   Category Limitless Living

What DOES create happiness and an overall sense of satisfaction with life? Hard work? Doing things, and doing them the right way? Luck? Or is it something else? Having traveled the world, having spoken and communicated with thousands of people from various cultures and walks…Read More

Stop Battling Your Past

Author   Category Being You

Have you ever gotten stuck in rut and didn’t know how to break free? Has something happened in your past that seems like it’s stopping you from moving forward? If you have the right tools, I believe there’s nothing you cannot change. Here are a few…Read More